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May 23-26, 2007; Ekliptik at the 1st Joint Congress Eurotrauma, Austria

1st Joint Congress of the European Association for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (EATES) and the European Trauma Society (ETS) took place on May 23-26, 2007 in Graz, Austria.

Ekliptik attendet the congres as a exhibitor of the system Guiding Star with the module LIDIS. Ekliptik also attended the congres with a lecture entitled The new product guiding star for fracture treatment with cannulated nails using the noninvasive technique for distal interlocking by A. Kristan, M. Cimerman, P. Brandoli, T. Fius, D. Kreuh.

The paper was voted as one of the best 9 free papers at the conference.

Click here to see the presentation.